Ragdoll Maggie tells her life story of October 2009


This month not a lot happened to me, it was a cold month. Luckily I discovered a very nice warm place, probably the warmest there is. Just in front of the pelletfire and just behind the fireguard. Because I am still so small; I am the only one in the house who is capable to have a nice nap there. Normally I like to sit in the sun together with my mum Daisy. This month there was a lack of sun. When the fireplace is not on I am looking for warmth and comfort close to my friends and when the fireplace is switching on I know the best spot.

Today my staff bought some new toys for me, it kept me busy for hours. The other cats like the toys too. This means that the toys getting lost, under the fridge and under cabinets. My staff is always there to help me with searching.

Oh no, it's not that time again. I see him walking around with a nailcutter. He is using for the first time the big nailcutter on me. I start crying and would like to walk away ... but when it was done, it wasn't too bad all. Later the other cats told me that they will cut my nails every 5 - 6 weeks because we are indoor cats.

What do I smell? A plate will be filled with a snack. My mum and I started eating, yum, I love it. Unfortunately, after a few hours I started to dribble but I am not feeling sick. My staff is taking care of me, they start cleaning my collar and even during the night they set their alarmclock to check how I am doing. I am sleeping in the travel cage besides the bed of my staff. The next morning my collar is clean and dry, I am still a little bit quiet. The vet told my staff that I have had an allergic reaction, maybe because of a high level of protein in the canned food. The second day I am feeling fine again. The third day I am annoying the other cats and my staff. See you next month.

Maggie in front of the pelletfire


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