Ragdoll Maggie tells her life story of November 2009


One of my newest favourite places for a nap is a blue chair, see below photo. The other cats like this place too so I have to be quickly in the morning to get it first. My staff even made a photo from me, just woke up from my nap. I have to jump very high but because I am getting older it won't give me any problems. Especially in the afternoon when the sun is coming in it's a nice spot.

What the hell is going on, it's war. I see a lot of smoke and lightning in all colours of the rainbow, but what's that noise? Do you know what time it is? My staff likes it a lot, they are watching the event. Also some of the cats seems to enjoy it, strange animals. Some of that noise comes from close by. It looks like it comes from our neighbours. I hope they don't do it too often because I don't like it. Once in a life time is enough for me. The other cats tell me that it is for Guy Fawkes. I have been told that in Europe they do the same silly event in a couple of weeks from now.

Oh no, my mum is acting stupid again! She doesn't like me anymore, she is yelling. Rubbing against all the things in the house except me, I know what it is: she wants a men. My mum have been invited to my dads domain. I can see her with my dad, they realy like each other a lot. This is very unusual to me because when she is with me she doesn't talk about him nor giving him any attention when we are passing by on the way to my staff's bedroom. Hopefully this will be over soon because I just want my mum back and lay together with her in the sun in the biggest basket I have ever seen!

My staff is always calling me a wee girl, because I am not really that big for my age. Also for the other cats I am the little one. But the last couple of weeks I grown 100 grams weekly. I feel that I am getting bigger and I even can challenge other cats. Sometimes I am winning because I am also younger and have much more energy.

Ragdoll Maggie in blue chair


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