Ragdoll Maggie tells her life story of May 2010


There are walking two kittens around in my house, it's so lovely to play with them and especially having a nap. Both kittens are different but I like them both equally. All three of us have the same mum and dad but I am one year older than they are. Gosh, they are so quick and playfull.

At the beginning of this month it was nice and sunny weather but later on we have had a lot of rain and it was getting colder and colder. There was no sun, luckily the heating is on every day. In the bedroom my staff installed a heatpump and it's always very nice over there. In the livingroom we have a pelletfire, this will give an enormous warmth on my coat, great! I like to lay under the pelletfire, my staff is always laughing about me because the heat is flowing way above me.


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