Ragdoll Maggie tells her life story of April 2010


I had a good long talk with my mum because last month I was a little bit too raugh with my little brother and sisters. My mum told me that I am allowed to be with the kittens when ever I like. What a fun! Sometimes I am a bit confused: it seems there are Ragdoll kittens every where, but there are only 5. It's hard to remember who is who because they look so much the same, just 5 copies.

Together with my staff and the kittens I have been to our vet. My brother and sisters received their second vaccination and I was wondered what I was doing there, before I realized I was on the table and the vet was checking me. Everything was well, no wonder, I feel good!

By the time it was the next morning I was carried to the vet again, this time only me? That was the point I realized something was going to happen. In no time I was feeling very sleepy, I can't remember what happened but I felt a little bit dizzy when I woke up. By the end of the afternoon my staff picked me up at the vet and they had all attention for me the whole evening. My mum told me I have had a surgery, I am neutered. My biggest concern is my bald belly, it's shaved! It will grown back in a couple of weeks, good to hear.

After a few weeks my little big brother left us, he moved to his new owners and his older brother. I was told he likes his new home but he misses us.


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