Some domestic cat facts

Domestic cats are descended from the European wild cat, African wild cat and Asiatic desert cat. At some point these ancestors of our modern day cats, began coming into the cities to hunt the abundant rodents that were attracted by peoples food stores and are thought to have been human human companions for over 5000 years.

People welcomed wildcats when they realized that they were killing off the rodents that stole their food and people would leave scraps of food outside their houses to encourage the wildcats to stay near and hunt at their home and still today cats are valued for their ability to control rats and mice.

Cats made towns and cities their homes as there they had more than enough to eat, comfortable shelter and the protection of humans. Domestic cats now live on every continent except Antarctica and have evolved into over fifty distinct breeds with 36 recognised breeds of pedigree.

These intelligent, inquisitive and social animals in their wild state would range over 1-2 square miles to hunt but today they are comfortable in a small garden providing they have a human to care for them and supply all their needs.

How to know if your cat is happy and healthy:
A happy or contented cat will sleep a lot, eat well, go outside or use its litter box to toilet. It will have clean shiny fur and be affectionate especially near mealtime.

Cats are clean animals, they licking themselves clean which results in fur collecting in their stomachs and they remedy this by eating grass to aid their digestion and get rid of the fur.

Like us, as cats age and are also susceptible to obesity, arthritis and other degenerative diseases. An unhealthy cat will sleep a lot, meow, purr and complain, its fur will look dull, display impaired movement, it may eat less, vomit or have diarrhea and may toilet in inappropriate places.

Some symptoms of failing feline health are:

Cats need: Care for your cat
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Cat Facts


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